This site will stop working at 11 June 2018. Google Maps will require billing info for usage off the api from that date, since I won't provide it google will revoke my api access resulting in this page no longer working. You can still use the geohashing map at

What is this?
This is a map showing geohashes. See for an explaination.

In the url you can use parameters lat and lng to set your home and date in format 'yyyy-mm-dd' to set the date. By clicking on the individual markers you get the option to go to the meetup on the wiki or download the hash as gpx. You can move home by clicking the map and change the date using the buttons in the lower left of the page. Full documentation can be found on the wiki.

Bugs and feature requests
Please report any problems with this service or suggestions for improvement at the discussion page on the wiki. I will respond to issues on the wiki as soon as possible (at least tell what I will do and give an indication when).

This site tries to provide the hashes as accurate as possible. Due to various reasons mistakes can occur in the displayLocationName. Using this service is at own risk. Eupeodes can never be held responsible or liable for any costs or damage caused by using this service.

Minimum zoom level:
Maximum zoom level:
Show up to 6 following days
Lookup location names (might be very slow!)
Display day of week (otherwise day of month)

Draw up to 6 following days
Show location names (Slow?)